This is a sacred invitation to step through a portal of deep transformation,
to relinquish your ego, to claim your totality and to honor your essence.

Are you ready to answer the call?

Are you ready to break the chain? 

To release yourself from what’s holding you back from truly following your
bliss and leading an abundant life?

When we allow our ego to drive our life, we live with fear as the author.
We stay safe, yes, but we live small. 

Are you ready to release yourself from the lies?

The lies that make you believe that you will never be enough for your dreams. The lies that tell you that you’re unworthy of happiness. The lies that keep you paralyzed from expressing your true self and honoring your soul’s deepest desires. 

Fear is the most powerful torture of all. 

Fear suffocates us from living our highest potential and honoring our highest service.
This is the journey of the
Untethered Sistermind.
It's a 6-month program to awaken you to the wisdom already within you, to fully support you in stepping into your power — your true essence — and in living a soul-aligned, Untethered life. 

This invitation is open to 11 women, and spaces fill quickly.

If this is for you, you will feel it in your core. 

You will know that it’s your time to rise. 

90% of dis-ease is caused by lifestyle and beliefs.
Your thoughts are things. 
Your thoughts determine everything. 
Your thoughts have a powerful impact on your biology
and your life.
You are powerful, sister, far more powerful than you can even begin to understand.

It’s your time to heal yourself. 
To reprogram the broken tapes. 
To co-create the life you really want to live.
To claim your totality. 
To honor your essence.

It’s your time to know you. The real you. 
To live the life you were born to live! 

When we take full responsibility for our life and relationships, we have great power to not only change our lives but the lives of everyone around us.
It is absolutely your responsibility to do this work. 
To clear out stale, negative and unhealthy energy and seek a new way of living in love and harmony. 

Only you can heal you.
You have the power to free yourself from all that doesn’t serve you.
By healing our own lives, we heal those around us. The more peaceful and joyous our lives become the more we spread peace and harmony throughout the world, starting with those you love the most. 

And this healing that I speak of… comes from within.
When we heal our hearts, we heal our bodies.
This is the way to freedom.

You can take all the best supplements, eat all organic food, workout every day, but if you don’t deal with the pain that haunts you and the thoughts that consume you, you will never experience true freedom from dis-ease. 

YOUR UNTETHERED daily process + sacred TOOL KIT

You get to be completely and utterly in love with your life. 

When you desire something, it is meant FOR you. That’s how this works, but in order for you to manifest consistently — with joy and ease — you must use the right tools (and work to be in total alignment). 

During our first virtual retreat, you’ll get access to your very own Untethered daily process and your Untethered toolkit so you can put them into action right away and start co-creating (aka making magic). 

This is the exact process that I use on the daily to bring big magic to my life and to say YES to things (that may not “make sense”) with FULL-on faith that I will be 1,000% supported.
So, who are you, really? 

What’s your soul purpose?

What would you need to do to step into full alignment?

What would your life be like if you knew that you were acting according to your soul’s deepest desires? 

What would your life be like if you lived it fully, knowing and trusting the path?

Are you ready for these answers?

Are you ready to know you, to really know you? To trust your intuition and live your calling without fear, doubt or worry? To co-create your life and know fully with every step that life is happening FOR you not TO you?

Your job isn’t to micromanage the Universe but to surrender to your truth, to take that baby step day after day, knowing with every fabric in your body that YOU are supported, divinely guided and divinely held. 

When you free yourself to do this, everything won’t go as you planned but it will work out better than you could ever imagine. 

Trusting, surrendering and taking action is how we find the beauty in the mess.

But to do this, you must 

free yourself from the past. 

let go of the lies.

break the chains from the negative patterns of your lineage.
Thirteen years ago, I became so sick, and no one could tell me what was "wrong with me."
Then, I was offered the gift of wisdom to "let food be thy medicine." With that, an incredible journey of healing began… I knew, even though I couldn’t explain it then, that I had called in my sickness to help lead me to my truth — my calling. I remember falling on my knees and thanking God for the gift of discomfort, the constant ache, which pushed me to radically change the way I was nourishing myself. That was the start of my awakening, and I didn’t think it was possible to have a bigger turning point in my life than that one.

Fast forward to 2014. I was so tired of falling trap to my same old patterns and constantly self-sabotaging my best efforts for growth. I had an incredible epiphany that old programming from my childhood was driving my life; that my life was simply a reflection of my thoughts; and that, if I could change my thoughts, I could change my life. 

I started to do the work to free myself from limiting beliefs. I spent time with my inner child. I spent time going within for my truth. I learned how to meditate, how to breathe, how to feel truth in me. I kept doing the work and having one shift after another… Teachers and coaches showed up in my life when I was ready for the next level of work. Things that used to feel so hard began to feel easier. I started manifesting, co-creating, healing every glitch that showed itself to me. I started taking 100% responsibility for my relationships and up-leveling the energy around me. I felt lighter, happier. And for the first time, I felt like I was not only going to achieve my dreams, but that it was my responsibility to make these dreams come to life. I knew this was the path. 

Yes, finding nourishment changed my health, but THIS work changed my life. Updating my subconscious beliefs allowed me to experience abundance in bold new ways, to have this incredible sense of well-being, and most importantly, to connect to the authentic me — feel all of my potential. I realized that this work, far beyond food and supplements, is the path to true freedom. 

Maybe you don’t really know who you are because your truth is buried under so much conditioning, limited beliefs and outdated programming. Surrendering to this work will change your whole trajectory… It will shift you from a state of powerlessness to a state of empowerment. This work is the path to true freedom… to truly living a life that you desire to live. This is the work of your highest calling.
Your limitations, including your old programming, limiting beliefs, self-doubt, recurring fears, worry, obsessions.

People, places and things that are no longer in alignment with your highest self.

Toxic patterns & negativity and that lingering intense insecurity. 

All clutter and attachments to happiness outside of yourself.

Your past — it’s time to let what’s no longer serving you go.

Self-sabotage, numbing out and victim mindset. 

Making fear-based decisions.

Resistance, resistance, resistance. (What you resist the most is what’s going to bring you the greatest change.) 

Pushing, striving and controlling (instead of listening, trusting and allowing). 
To live life Untethered means for anything inauthentic to crumble down. It means to put an immediate stop to looking for answers outside of yourself. 

And instead, have full surrender, trust and the knowledge that you are divinely guided and divinely held.
Here’s a sample of the topics that we will dive deep into during our journey together: 
True Self-Love
Laws of the Universe
Soul Purpose 
Ego vs. Soul 
Subconscious vs. Conscious
Plant Medicine
Art of Fulfillment 
Inner Peace 
Ancestral Clearing
Divine Timing & Divine Order
Limiting Beliefs
Trapped Emotions
Higher self 
Power vs. Force 
Sitting Practice 
Intention vs. Attention
Zone of Genius
Gratitude Work 
False Power vs. True Power 
Manifesting & Abundance
Inner-Child Work 
Forgiveness Work 
Expansion vs. Contraction
Shadow Self
Birth, Life & Death Cycles 
Scarcity Mindset Vs. Abundance Mindset 
Fear vs. Courage
Feng Shui 
Victim Cycle vs. Creator
Divine Feminine Energy vs. Divine Masculine Energy 
Aligned Movement
Energy Clearing
Emotional Clearing
Vibrations & Frequencies
Vital Force 
Connecting with Nature
Mindset Shifts 
Sacred Contracts
When you step out in faith and invest in yourself and your transformation story, you’ll be massively rewarded in all areas of your life, including your: 
Joy & Happiness
Capacity for Self-Love
Healthy Desires
Waking up each day without the weight of the past.

Knowing yourself and trusting your body’s wisdom and trusting your ability to follow your soul’s guidance.

Breaking through blocks, facing your biggest obstacles, your oldest patterns and overcoming them – so they NEVER hold you back again.

Freeing yourself from trapped emotions, limiting beliefs and making friends with your fear.

Embodying self-love and embracing self-care as a necessity... loving and nourishing yourself from a place of honor and alignment. 

Being part of a group of women who truly see, support and celebrate you, while also holding you accountable to your greatness.

Making a quantum leap in your life goals and your overall capacity for joy and abundance. 

It’s time to release your past, 
activate your power, 
push your edge & 
nourish your radiance. 
Your mind is SO powerful.
Thoughts really do become things. 
Your mind can either be a dangerous place, or a beautiful place.
It’s time to live an awakened life.
You are worth it.
If you've been longing for a container to help you do this, a powerful guide to help you unfold along the way, and the most powerful sisterhood of your life to lift you up into your greatness, join me, sister.

Untethered Sistermind includes private one-on-one coaching, group coaching, guest speakers, two virtual retreats and an in-person retreat to help you create rapid results AND feel supported every step of the way. 

Private Coaching with Tonya: 6 months
One private one-hour call with Tonya every month. These calls will allow you to dive deep into your true desires, identify and clear subconscious blocks, enhance your relationship and confidence with the tools of an Untethered life, and uncover your soul-aligned action steps.
Access to Tonya’s Private Online Community
You’ll receive membership in a secret Facebook group for the Untethered Sistermind where you’ll build relationships and community with your sisters and get support from Tonya throughout the program. This is where we'll celebrate our wins, cultivate curiosity to go deeper in our travels to truth, surrender during difficult periods of initiation and growth stretches, and have sincere and heartfelt accountability to the work and our expressed intentions.
Live Lessons
You’ll have one to three livestream lessons per month in the private Untethered Sistermind Facebook group on one or more of the topics listed previously. These lessons will build on one another and truly invite you to awaken, heal and rise. You’ll also be given homework that will guide you deeper into this work and your truth, build your trust with self, and guide you on the path of ultimate self-sufficiency.
Monthly Group Calls
You’ll have one group video coaching call per month with both Tonya and the rest of your Untethered sisters. The call will either involve coaching from Tonya or from a guest mentor. These group coaching calls will provide powerful collective shifts, encourage massive activation to level up your story, push your edge and break the chain. This is individual work magnified by the group.
one in-person retreat
In early *October 2020, we'll all meet at Blue Star Resort & Retreat in gorgeous Columbia Falls, Montana (just outside of Whitefish). This is sacred land that is waiting to hold space for your healing and the rewriting of your future. 

Accommodations, adventure and food are included. Airfare, special offerings and meals offsite of the retreat location are not included. See more details below about this incredible, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

*My intention is that we go on the retreat at that time. Obviously if shiz gets crazy, we'll reevaluate the dates.
Your own private sister circle
You'll be matched with “your person” in the Sistermind for added love, accountability, support. This is essential for full integration of the work and following through with your soul’s calling. This will be a year of learning, deepening, surrendering and massive imperfect action to uncover the real you. Having “your person” in addition to Tonya and the collective makes the work feel so much less like work.
Personalized Naturopathic program
It’s imperative that you nurture your body, mind and soul during our work together. You'll be asked to level up in all areas of your life, starting with treating your body as a temple. As a member of this program, you’ll feel highly motivated to love yourself as you’ve never done before.

You'll begin your journey with an initial naturopathic consultation. This will be followed by THREE naturopathic follow-up consultations so that you can deeply understand your own, personal healing journey. This custom work will aid you in continuously connecting your body, mind and spirit to your soul's purpose and essence.

You'll also receive preferred pricing for all products that Tonya carries.
Two Virtual retreats
Retreat One: During this three- to four-hour retreat, we will create connection, set our collective and individual intentions for the journey, begin unpacking our old programming and conditioning, and start to deepen our capacity for the Untethered work with the introduction of some basic — yet essential — tools.

Retreat Two: During this three- to four-hour retreat, we will celebrate the transformations that happened during our 6-month journey and close the sistermind circle with ceremony.
Your Untethered Daily Process + Sacred Toolkit
You get to be completely and utterly in love with your life. 

When you desire something, it is meant FOR you. That’s how this works, but in order for you to manifest consistently — with joy and ease — you must use the right tools (and work to be in total alignment). 

During our first virtual retreat, you’ll get access to your very own Untethered daily process and your Untethered toolkit so you can put them into action right away and start co-creating (aka making magic). 

This is the exact process that I use on the daily to bring big magic to my life and to say YES to things (that may not “make sense”) with FULL-on faith that I will be 1,000% supported.
This will be the turning point of your journey. During our stay, not only will you be fully immersed on sacred land, but we’ll:
Dive deep into the teachings of Untethered. 

Collectively heal and level up.

Take turns in the hot seat, guaranteed to offer you a major shift. 

Experience freedom from negative patterns through guided ancestral clearing.

Push your edge and embark on an intense, full-day glacier mountain hike. 

Align with your soul truth with a plant meditation.

Enjoy ceremony and sisterhood around the fire.

Move your energy with yoga practice.

Activate your power with horse healing. 

Nourish your body with real, loving foods and high vibes. 

Surrender to the medicine of the land.

   *Further details will be provided to Untethered Sistermind members.
About Blue Star Resort
On the threshold of Glacier National Park, Blue Star Resort and Retreat. A land, a waterway, a forest and a beating heart. This 20 acre land has many stories to tell. Ancient and new, alike. 

All the magic that lives here will whisper to you. Inviting you to share part of your story here with us- breathing, being, celebrating, sharing, healing, digging deep inside- wherever your journey is leading you next, Blue Star may be the support and co-creator that you seek.

Blue Star Resort and Retreat is a powerful place for inner and outer connection. Whether you're facilitating deep inner work or holding a celebration, our beautiful land and accommodations are a supportive center for group based activities. We have a one mile loop hiking trail in the woods and a yearlong sizable creek that winds through our land. Meditation and deep inner work are encouraged by the land and the energy created in the gatherings that take place here. We are an exclusive and distinctive retreat center with a vision. Formerly private, the stewards of this property have recently been called to open up the heart and soul of this land for select group events that are a co-creation between the space and the people. 

The entire property will be allocated for members of Untethered Sistermind. We’ll have access to:



By the end of this journey…
You’ll feel freedom from limiting beliefs, blocks and negative patterns.

You’ll have only those lineage patterns that serve your highest purpose and direct your thoughts to create exactly the life you want.

You’ll have positive energy and presence that will translate to more joy, greater life satisfaction, and a clear mind to continue to move forward and achieve your goals.

You’ll feel powerful in body and at heart, connected to your inner sight and able to confidently stand in your power at home, work and in all your relationships.

You’ll let your soul lead and overpower any lingering doubts or temptations to play small. 

You’ll honor your self-care and be in true alignment with nourishment, movement and meditation. 

Yes! It’s time to honor your ability to tap into following the flow of feeling and intuition to guide your decisions.
This program is a powerful investment in yourself. An investment in you is an investment in your work, your message, your life, your heart, your relationships and the world. You are here to grow, to evolve and expand. To share your love and light with others. 

Untethered will bring you closer to your totality… your true essence. Knowing you — the real, authentic you — is your most valuable asset. When you know her and act in full alignment to your soul’s desires, you will — without a doubt — receive the investment back tenfold more. 

Please read through this invite thoroughly to see all that's included in the Untethered Sistermind. 

If deep in your soul you know you have been called to this level of work, then take this bold leap and join this group of luminary women.

Only 11 women will be accepted to maintain the integrity of an intimate experience, and spaces fill quickly.

Your process starts when you
1. Simply fill out an application. It's not long and will only take a few minutes.

2. Set up a discovery phone call with Tonya to determine if Untethered is in alignment with you.

If your soul is saying yes, take the next step.
You feel called to free yourself from your past.

You're ready to know who you really are and what you’re here to do. It’s time to get into alignment with your soul.

You deeply desire to have a positive relationship with your fear. 

You’re ready to step up your self-care game in big, bold ways. 

You're open to a spiritual journey and ready to know and feel truth. 

You’re okay with being vulnerable within a sacred sisterhood.

You’re done playing small, you’re ready to embody your soul purpose and magic power in your life and/or business.

You're seeking an inspiring group of women that support your dreams and vision, we are more powerful when we come together!
You are committed to supporting spiritual awakening and know it’s important to refuel, recharge and renew yourself and your vision. 

You question everything and aren’t willing to take a leap of faith.

You don’t want to do your own inner work and overcome your own beliefs.

You don’t believe you can heal or live an abundant life. 

You’re attached to blaming outside circumstances for your happiness and success.

You enjoy making excuses, being negative or defensive.

You take more than you give.

You’re not ready for adventure, personal growth and major breakthroughs.
Tonya Holcomb is a teacher, mother and wife. She’s a naturopathic practitioner working toward earning the Doctor of Naturopathy (ND) certification, a transformational leader, reiki master, Emotion Code practitioner, marketing guru and CEO. Using natural modalities, she works and supports the health and true transformation of all — including women, men, teens, children, babies and even pets. Tonya believes that true freedom from dis-ease comes from updating our subconscious beliefs. She’s deeply dedicated to waking women up to their full potential by helping them become free of trapped emotions, feel their best physically, get fully aligned with their soul purpose, make friends with their fears, and answer the call of their burning desires to make them a reality. Tonya is also the founder and creator of Fiercely Empowered Mama, a comprehensive online program designed to help everyday moms turn on their power, truly love themselves and tap into their God-given intuition to become fierce healers. She believes the health of the home starts with women, who are naturally born healers and may have simply forgotten. 

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